How we select our products:

After many years shooting a wide range of guns we have selected a small number of gun and accessory makers.

Products are hand selected - as shooters, if we do not rate a product, we will not sell it.

All products must satisfy the following:

Must be best in breed - 100% suitable for the intended use

Must be produced with great materials and be durable

Do what they say on the tin

Be supported fully by the manufacturer

Offer value for money



Gun Makers:

Steyr Sport - providing a range of excellent 10M Pistols, FT, Match, HFT and Hunting rifles 

Air Arms - Providing FT/HFT/Hunting/Match rifles and the outstanding Alpha Proj 10M Pistol

Daystate - providing a range of HFT/Hunting rifles

Weirauch - providing a range of HFT/Hunting rifles

Walther - providing a range of HFT/Hunting rifles

Pellet makes


Air Arms

Scope makes




Accessory makes

Aim Bags

Xcleaning kits 

Custom Parts

Rowan Engineering



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