Air Gun insurance

After purchasing your gun it is highly recommended that you arrange the appropriate insurance.

You should consider three key points :

1. Public/Civil liability insurance.

Covering accidental damage when shooting anywhere outside of an airgun club or range. This is particularly important when shooting on private land or when participating in FT/HFT competitions where you may not be covered under the clubs insurance as a visitor.

One easy way to obtain this kind of insurance is to become a member of BASC. Not only will you get cover but membership brings a wide range of benefits -

Being a member of a recognised shooting organisation may also make finding shooting permissions easier.

2. Gun insurance

House hold contents policies may not cover air guns, and especially accidental damage whilst you are out shooting. There are a number of specialist insurance companies who can provide accidental damage cover, again the alternative is to join the NSRA who provide not only civil liability cover but also shooting equipment cover. Please check with them to ascertain current offers and cover.

3. Guns in transit.

Whilst guns should not be stored in motor vehicles, occasionally whilst travelling to and from shoots etc it is necessary to park up. Most vehicle insurance either does not cover the theft of guns in attended/unattended vehicles, or indeed as part of an accident claim. A sobering thought if you have several thousands of pounds worth of rifle and scope in your boot !

Again it is worth checking with your motor vehicle insurance company, obtaining specialist insurance or joining the NSRA who (at time of writing) include accidental and guns in motor vehicle cover as part of their membership package.


All above is offered as information only, Bicester Target are not an insurance provider or referrer and have no financial connection with either BASC or the NSRA. You should always check offers from the above shooting organisations against independent insurance providers and ensure that any cover they offer at the point of your enquiry is suitable for your circumstances.





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