Protecting your investment

A few simple steps can extend the life of your rifles and pistols.

Bicester target can provide everything from the right type of gun case to the right cleaning and maintenance parts and tools to keep your gun in top condition.

We have gunsmith services and if you require custom parts to make your gun fit you better or increase its performance, we are here to help at sensible prices and the service you would expect.

Below are a few pointers and information that all air gun owners should be aware of.

After a bad weather shoot

After a shoot where your rifle has become wet due to rain or snow it is good practice to remove the stock from the rifle and allow it to dry our slowly at room temperature over a number of days. Never put wet stocks/guns next to heat sources such as radiators as this can lead to damaged stocks and produce zero shifts etc.

Whilst the gun is out of its stock,  its a good time to ensure that the action has been dried using an appropriate cleaning cloth and that all parts have the required lubrication (if in doubt consult your gun manufacturer).

After which wiping the metal parts with a cloth which has had a small amount of a high quality gun oil should protect from rust.


Lubricating an airgun is necessary, yet it can be tricky at the same time.

To begin with, airguns are often made of different materials than firearms, so just cleaning and lubricating them with the same products designed for small or large bore rifles or shotguns is not a good idea. You probably already know that O-rings and other synthetic seals may be sensitive to gun solvents, but did you know there are certain airgun METALS that are also sensitive?

Stay away from ammonia!

Ammonia will attack and dissolve aluminium parts. Some airguns, have lots of aluminium parts in them. Many gun cleaning solvents contain a lot of ammonia? And, military rifle bore cleaner is also loaded with ammonia.

Airguns have no combustion and usually do not shoot copper-sheathed bullets, so they don’t get the same corrosive deposits that firearms do. So, it isn’t necessary to clean their barrels with nitro- or copper-dissolving compounds.

Avoid WD-40

Everybody likes WD-40 for the shine it puts on blued metal and for its pleasant aroma. Yes, that’s all true, but if you allow it to dry on things, it leaves a gummy film that can take weeks of hard work to remove. It has no place in airgunning.

Use silicone oil – carefully

Silicone oil, is an airgunner’s mainstay. It seals the pistons in spring guns and seals everything in pneumatics and CO2 guns. But, most airgun-grade silicone oil isn’t very good at lubricating metal-to-metal joints.

That’s not to say ALL silicone oils are poor metal lubricants. And, when used on synthetics that ride on metal, like some O-rings, silicone oil and grease may be best for the job. Thoroughly read the manufacturer’s recommendations to know what works and what doesn’t.

What about moly?

Over the past 15 years, lubricants containing molybdenum disulphide, or moly, have really blossomed in the shooting sports. Moly is a compound that forms a bond with most steels, making a slick surface that doesn’t wear away. It’s always best when adhering to metal in its dry state, where the grease that’s often compounded with it as a carrier does not remain on the surface. Unfortunately, many shooters are not aware of that.

Moly is very slick, but it can be hindered by its own carrier grease or oil. If the surface to which it is applied has extremely close tolerances, such as in triggers and some firing mechanisms, moly grease will actually slow things down and bind them from operating correctly.

On certain jacketed bullets in firearms, moly performs wonders, making the bore ultra-slick after long use. When applied to pure lead projectiles such as pellets, where the lead has great lubricity of its own, moly coatings are often a waste of time.

Barrel cleaning

There are a number of schools of thought on the need to clean your barrel.

The most simple approach makes the most sense, only clean your barrel if you start to see a progressive change in the guns performance which cannot be attributed to another fault.

Some barrels gain accuracy from being cleaned every 100 shots, others need next to no cleaning, it depends on so many variables. Even seemingly identical guns, with seemingly identical barrels may require different cleaning. Changes of pellet type/maker can benefit from a clean between changes. The key is to use a good quality gun oil together with a good pull though (do not use tools and compounds designed for live firing guns which can damage air gun barrels). We stock the excellent VFG pull though kit (which is small enough to live in the gun bag all the time and easy to use).

Gun stocks and pistol grips

Gun oil should not be used on wood stocks (or laminate or plastic for that matter !), instead select an appropriate oil that matches the type of wood your rifle stock/pistol grip is made of (walnut oil for instance can be obtained from our shop). Be careful to select the correct type of oil (stock stain oil will change the colour of your stock !) All wood oils must be used very sparingly !

Like everything Bicester Target does, we only stock gun cleaning and maintenance products that we use. If you don't need it, or it's not the best product to use we will not stock it.

Transporting guns

If you regularly transport guns long distances it may be a good idea to purchase a gun case. These hard cases take the guesswork out of protecting your expensive FT or HFT rig.

Rifle scopes, just like binoculars and camera lenses do not like being stored in hot vehicles. Check with the scope manufactures spec and avoid possible damage to your expensive scope by not exposing it to the inside of a car that has been left in bright sunshine ! Excessive time periods in boiling temperatures can cause the glues that hold lenses and reticules in place to shift and coatings to degrade.



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