• Great Advice


    From shooters to shooters

  • value for money


    Come and shoot the gun - don't rely on the internet

  • choice

    A WIDE 

    Of products that actually work when shooting HFT, FT and Pistol disciplines.

  • Steyr Challenge Range



    Now available in different colours

  • Great Advice

    Come to Bicester Target, have a coffee and let us show the best guns for HFT/FT/Hunting with no pressure.

    We shoot and have real passion for our sport. Fom HFT winter league to 10M pistol comps we know what works.

  • Always here to help

    We are the experts in air gun target shooting - feel free to call us. We have great guns and great solutions.

  • Payment methods

    We accept all major debit and credit cards (we do not accept personal cheques).

Our Unique take on gun sales

We are not an internet gun seller - the information here is just to help you narrow down the right gun.

We are different from virtually all other dealers - you can come in, and fire any of our guns and take advantage of the experience we have gained from actually shooting FT, HFT and pistol competitions.

If we do not feel a gun, scope or accessory is up to our high standards we simply will not stock it. Come and have a cup of tea and find out why our customer base is growing.

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