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  • Perfect, budget hunting gun in a 22. £195.00

  • The TX200 utilises an under-lever mechanism that's more accurate than its break-barrel counterparts, and is used by competition target shooters around the world. In fact, to prove its credentials, the rifle has won the World Field Target Championship. Reliable and smooth this is a great choice for many different disciplines! £385.00

  • Great little rifle in super condition.  Ideal for HFT or hunting. £675.00

  • This underlever rifle has been especially developed for field target and silhouette shooting and comes complete with a bespoke, CS1000 stock. The underlever action ensures no barrel movement, which can affect break barrel designs, which results in supreme accuracy. This version comes with a stainless action and in a synthetic black stock - very durable...

  • This rifle features a 650mm barrel for maximum performance and longer compressed air cylinder for higher capacity. The auto repeating bolt action allows 5 quick shots directly out of the magazine. £1250.00

  • The FT model is on the Challenge Match chassis and has the Match butt stock. The rifle features a maintenance-free Steyr stabiliser to eliminate recoil and a revolutionary lateral stock adjustment. This rifle comes with a G-Tech X-Pro Gen 2 butt hook and has had an alternative hamster fitted (the original hamster is included in the box should you be a...

  • This second-hand Anschütz 9015 ONE is a rare opportunity to own one of the world's best PCP rifles at a price that is within many people's reach. Come in and shoot this gun today and you will feel the difference between just another rifle and a truly extraordinary, elite gun like this.  £2000.00

  • This heavily customised Walther LGV is perfect for those who enjoy the challenge of a break barrel springer. It is in a Warren Edwards stock and has had a Zenith conversion. £1200.00

  • Bicester Target can source almost any rifle or accessory you may want. Call 01869 457 170 to speak with us and we will help you find what you need.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items