Anschutz 9015 ONE



This second-hand Anschütz 9015 ONE is a rare opportunity to own one of the world's best PCP rifles at a price that is within many people's reach. Come in and shoot this gun today and you will feel the difference between just another rifle and a truly extraordinary, elite gun like this. 


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Data sheet

Calibre .177
Overall length (mm) 1200
Length of Barrel (mm) 640
Weight (g) 4600
Price (£) 2000.00

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Anschütz's heritage is in biathlon but with this rifle they were determined to create a gun which is suitable for 10m shooting and target shooting. It is a truly extraordinary piece of engineering and with minimal setup will be perfect for your shape and discipline. Converting it to a left-handed configuration is also easily done, and we will be happy to help you with doing so if you need it.

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